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Script Ideas

Although Judivoice can write a script for you, most businesses prefer to write their own script for their on hold message. Here are some tips when writing YOUR script.

Let your callers know about the products and services you offer.

  • New products or services
  • Call attention to mailings, emails, flyers
  • Direct callers to a catalogue or website
  • Inform callers of changed or improved product or service
  • Highlight discounts, special offerings, or seasonal items
  • Inform callers about what you do best or your specialty
  • Tell callers about services and products they may not be aware of
  • Talk about your organization-employees and their training
Give your caller general information about your business.
  • Hours and emergency services/after hours
  • Web site address
  • Locations
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Give directions
  • Use your slogan
  • Tell how long you’ve been in business
  • Tell about the company and employees
Build your company’s image and establish client/customer relations.
  • Let callers know how important they are to you
  • Provide tips and advice about your products and services
  • Talk about awards, endorsements, and reputation
  • Describe your quality standards, experience, and titles or licenses
  • Present your philosophy or mission statement
  • Highlight a staff member
  • Describe your affiliations
  • Tell your success story