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Playing your on hold message through your phone system

After your customized on hold production is professionally recorded, you need some way of playing it through your phone system. Some businesses may already own the correct equipment or have the technical expertise to play the on hold messages through their telephone systems. In that case, we will gladly deliver your production in the format you need- tape, MP3, or audio CD.

Although you are not required to purchase one, we strongly advise that you play your on hold message through a "digital on hold player"-special equipment meant to deliver on hold messages through your phone system. We recommend and sell players that are recognized as the most reliable equipment in the industry. These user-friendly players load your production from CD into digital flash memory. The message then plays from the flash memory 24 hours a day, with no degradation, and with no lasers to burn or tapes to break. CD/tape players are not designed to withstand the rigors of continuous use.

The "digital on-hold" player is easily connected to most telephone systems (via a music or radio port). In some cases, you may need to ask your telephone vendor or technician for assistance.

When you purchase an "digital on-hold" player from Judivoice, it is warranted for 3 full years.

Beware of companies that push proprietary equipment requiring flash cards, special “modules”, downloading through your phone or fax machine. These will make it more difficult for you to control your messages or change companies.

The Digital On Hold Player:
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