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Did You Know...
  • Businesses place 3 out of 4 callers on hold?
  • The average American business receives 128 calls day?
  • Executives wait 68 hours per year on hold?
  • The average caller waits 60 hours a year on hold?
  • Most businesses put callers on hold more often and for longer periods of time than they think they do?
  • Most calls are put on hold after the caller is connected to the person to whom he or she wishes to speak?
  • For about 60% of those calls, hold time will exceed 30 seconds.
  • Average hold time is 30 to 43 seconds-that's one hour per day and over 30 days per year.
  • More than half of callers put on hold will hang up-34% won't call back.
So what happens when you put your customers on hold WITHOUT an on hold message?
If they hear silence, it is like putting them in a cold dark waiting room.

After 20 seconds...Callers begin to get frustrated.
       After 30 seconds...Callers start to feel anger,
            After 45 seconds... Callers actually forgot who they called!
                   After 60 seconds...30% hang up.
                          After 90 seconds...Another 50% hang up.
                                 After 2 minutes...The average business has just lost 80% of it's calls and doesn't even realize it!

  • 90% of callers prefer on hold messages to other options.
  • Businesses that use messages on hold retain 40% more calls and reduced caller abandonment by almost 90%
  • 1/3 of callers who hang up will not call back.
  • Callers will wait for you 3 times longer with on hold messaging and be in a better mood when someone gets back to them!
  • If they hear a radio station, you're probably making the wrong impression or may be fined.
  • 16% of business callers make purchases based on the message on hold.
  • 12% increase in requests for products or services advertised on hold was reported by businesses using the service.
Independent research proves that your customers prefer to listen to messages as opposed to silence, a radio station or just music. 94% of all marketing budgets are spent to induce customers to call, yet only 6% or less is spent to handle the call once it is received. Your on hold audience includes the best prospects for new and repeat business...because they called you. If they hear just music, you could be fined for not paying royalties or...you could be putting your callers to sleep.

ONLY 5% to 7% OF BUSINESSES TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE POWER OF ON HOLD MESSAGING. Don't be left out, contact Judivoice today!